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Musician | Dbass & Ebass  Composer-Arranger | MD

"Theo Pascal is one of the most gifted bassists on the planet. His mastery of notes is impressive, his command of an expressive elasticity shapes these notes. His pizzicato technique is virtuoso as is his con arco playing. Stark timbers define his playing especially in his continuo. Quaver octaves are clean and dramatically stressed from fz to p. Implicit in this is a sense of pleading which could turn on a dime to reflective nobility. His performance here is shaped by this kind of iridescence that is simply hard to find these days. It is truly a pity that he is not better known. His compositions and overall musicianship is very hard to find and when combined with the utter beauty of his virtuosity he becomes the rarest of rare commodities." Raul da Gama, Epistola review, theworldmusicreport.com, CA


Theo Pascal on the BLITZ MAGAZINE list of best Portuguese bass players